Monday, January 30, 2006

Information Literacy IQ (Institutional Quotient) Test

This IQ test is designed to help you determine the readiness of your institution in integrating information literacy into your curriculum. Respond to each statement by marking it true or false. Total all the number of true statements your have marked and compare your rating with the guide at the bottom of the page.


Sue said...

Hmm, has anyone else done this quiz? I found it very interesting! I wonder if we all have the same perception of where we are in the information literacy process.

Anonymous said...

Based on my score, we are really just beginning the first steps, and even so, just barely.

Anonymous said...

I too found it very interesting. With a big stretch I think we are in the middle (6). It would be interesting to know what others think of our information literacy process. I take it as a positive, that we have a base to start with.