Friday, June 23, 2006

Starting the Dialogue - Promoting IL Through Academic Integrity Workshops for Faculty (WILU 2006)

This session was presented by two McGill librarians. They basically presented us with the workshop that they present to the faculty. There were several active learning exercises (small group work, case studies, large group work) that engaged us in discussion with other participants and I have the handouts for these. The slides (excluding the exercises) are available. Their argument was such - "While the concept of information literacy may be less familiar to many faculty members than librarians might like, academic integrity and plagiarism are issues of major concern for faculty. Academic integrity workshops and discussions provide a platform for librarians to open a dialogue with faculty about students' information literacy skills in familiar terms." I imagine that this workshop might resonate at StFX. These McGill librarians began by doing an hour at the Brown Bag lunch venue and from there the workshop grew to 3 hrs.